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Sepinwall Family

135: The Bond between Mother and Daughters Running Together

Kari interviews a mother-daughter trio who ran the relay portion of the Delaware Marathon Running Festival in May 2016. They talk about the mother-daughter relationship, how running is a gift, and how we can share running with our families. They also chat about how it’s never too late to try something new, body image in…

5K Post-Race Runner's High

134: 5K Post-Race Runner’s High

Kari captures post-race interviews and stories with four inspirational runners after the Big Day 5K sponsored by Empowered Yoga. Kari and Serena Marie, RD, chat about Kari’s experience as a race announcer at a triathlon in Maryland, as well as protein powder recommendations.

Norman Rosenthal-2

133: Running on Transcendental Meditation with Dr. Norman Rosenthal

Featured Guest, psychiatrist Norman E. Rosenthal, who coined the term Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), joins Kari to talk about SAD, transcendental meditation, and mindfulness. Runner of the Week, Erica Barton shares how she went from couch potato to marathoner—all while being legally blind. Serena Marie, RD, talks about the benefits potato skins (not the appetizer!).…


131: YOU Define Happiness & Success

Happy Global Running Day! The day has finally come to take inspiration from The Running Lifestyle Show and put it into action! We’ve pleased to announce the inaugural The Running Lifestyle Camp! What is The Running Lifestyle Camp? You (and only YOU) get to decide what success and happiness is to you (not what the…

Joanne Ambrogi 6_2_2016-4

132: Create a Super You from Your Super Genes

Kari hangs out with go-to, real-food dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, and physical therapist and yoga teacher, Joanne Ambrogi to gab about March’s Book Club book Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA for Optimum Health and Well-Being. Runner of the Week, Kelly Martin, shares her experience running with her dog, Mya.

Rebecca Clarke

130: Running After Babies

Kari interviews friend, Featured Guest, and Runner of the Week, Rebecca Clark, with whom she ran the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon (first marathons for each). Kari and Rebecca share how they trained for this marathon amidst full-time jobs, family life, and friendship. Go-to, real-food dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, shares her tip on what to do…

Laura Vanderkam

129: Using Your Time, Energy, & Resources Wisely with Author Laura Vanderkam

Author Laura Vanderkam explains how people truly do have more time than we think for what matters most to us if we make wise time management decisions. Go-to, real-food, dietitian Serena Marie, RD, offers her favorite and smartest food picks when dining out.

Elena Frid

128: Need-to-Know Lyme Info with Neurologist Dr. Elena Frid

Neurologist Elena Frid, MD, discusses the latest Lyme disease findings, Lyme misinformation, how to protect yourself against Lyme disease, and how to treat ongoing Lyme symptoms. Serena Marie, RD, explains how to become a fat-adapted runner and how to transition away from fueling with carbohydrates. Featured Guest: Elena Frid, MD Pleate note: Always consult your…

Ernie Ward

127: How to Run With and Away From Dogs with Veterinarian Ernie Ward

Veterinarian and author Dr. Ernie Ward, DVM, CVFT, talks about why all dog breeds may make good running partners, the proper way to run away from a dog if you think he or she is about to attack, the importance of vaccinations, and Lyme disease. Serena Marie, RD, shares some of her favorite unique vegan/vegetarian…