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Intermittent Fasting, Serena (7_13_2017)

187: Do You “IF”? Fasted States and Mindless Eating

Serena and I discuss what intermittent fasting is all about and our experience with it, which you may find surprising! We specifically discuss the following: What science shows when it comes to fasting and calorie restriction If intermittent fasting is something that Serena recommends for the long haul How Serena accidentally started intermittent fasting Tips…

Jeff Horowitz

186: Engage Your Brain in Exercise

It’s so easy to get caught up in racking up the miles and forget to fit in strength training. If that sounds like you, and you need a little nudge to do some some strength training, then you’ll like today’s guest and author of July’s Book of the Month, Ageless Strength: Strong And Fit For…

Kristen Truempy (6_15_2017)

185: Mental Energy for Your Fuel Belt

TRLS has a return guest on today’s episode! Kristen Truempy from the Positive Psychology Podcast (and TRLS Episode 160) is back to talk about mental energy for your fuel belt. We discuss the following: Why your thoughts are fuel for your mind How to reframe negative thoughts about not having enough time to do things…

Cheryl & Jim Brown (6_1_2017)

184: Running In Your 50s

Jim and Cheryl Brown (who housed Serena Marie, RD, and I when we ran the Chicago Marathon in 2015) run by to update us about what has changed since their December 2015 visit on Episode 108. They discuss the following: Jim’s hip resurfacing surgery recovery How starting running in your mid 40s and now running…

Kari (5_18_2017)

183: Lessons Learned from The Running Lifestyle Show

This is one of those episodes where it’s you, me, and the mic. I specifically discuss TRLS episodes that have had the greatest impact on my life and why. All episodes feel like my babies, but these in particular contain habits and routines that I use: Why to practice meditation, go outside, exercise, eat nutritious…

Steven Kotler

182: The Ups and Downs of a Runner’s High

Do you know that feeling when you’re running and you feel like you can solve any problem? Or if you’re running outside and with a friend in a new place, that runner’s high is even more intense? If you can relate to this, then you may enjoy today’s episode. Steven Kotler is a New York…

Michael Breus (4_27_17)

181: Sleeping When It’s Best for YOU

It was an a-ha moment when I discovered how I should do certain things at certain times based on my chronotype. A chronotype is like your biological clock signalling when to do certain activities based on time of day and your wiring. What’s great about this is that it gets away from standards such as,…

Ernie Ward (Part 2)

180: Running with and Away from Dogs, Part Two

Dr. Ernie Ward, who is a veterinarian, Ironman, and one of the most popular 2016 TRLS guests, is back to recap how to run with and away from dogs and what excites him about the future. We specifically discuss the following: Exciting pet products Top tips for how to run with and away from dogs…

Fueling (4_13_2017)

179: Fueling Before, During, and After a Run

Serena Marie, RD, and Kari discuss the best ways to fuel before, during, and after a run, plus the “dos and don’ts” regarding fat, fiber, and carbs. They provide product and real-food suggestions, along with some background information about ketosis. We specifically discuss the following: What’s going on with your digestive system How many carbs…