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TeamTRLS (01_11_2018)

201: The Art of Meeting a Goal

This episode is sponsored by Health IQ, a life insurance agency that rewards health conscious people with lower insurance rates. See if you qualify for a better life insurance rate by being a runner by running over HERE to check out Health IQ.   The unofficial producer of the show, Meaghan Nana-Sinkam, returns to share her running…

200th Episode (01_04_2018)2

200: 200 Episodes and Running

This is an episode that at one point I didn’t think was going to happen! Find out why during this episode, and listen in to hear motivating stories with two “everyday” runners, Jeff Strasser and Julie Marienau. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating a podcast via the “unofficial” producer of…

Courtney Carver (12_28_2017)

199: How to Simplify Your Running LifeSTYLE

Top soulful living blogger who believes in living through an abundance of less, Courtney Carver—who has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine and Real Simple, to name a few—shares how a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis contributed to radical changes in her career and lifestyle. One of my coaching clients and fellow runner, Alice Jovy,…

Jeff Webb 12_14_2017

198: Change Up Your Running

Former Navy SEAL, Jeff Webb (from popular Episode 158) is back to share how his running has evolved over the last year. We discussed the following: Why he scaled back his marathon training mileage What habits he changed to lose approximately 7 pounds Why he’s working on hip mobility His time goal for the Marine…

Group_ Serena, Foti, Tracy (11_30_2017)

197: Knowing Your Tendency and Running with It

You know those times when you get together with friends that you haven’t seen in awhile, and you just pick up where you’ve left off? Well, that’s what happens when Foti Panagakos (team member of The Running Lifestyle Show [TRLS] runs the Chicago Marathon for Action for Healthy Kids) and Tracy Slayton (go-to Obliger and…

Sid Efromovich (11_16_2017)

196: Running with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Sid Efromovich, who has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), discusses his Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and his unbelievable journey in becoming a runner. We discussed the following: His extreme luck in being diagnosed with CRPS when he did His mindset during this journey of living with CRPS Why he started running A…

S. Marshall, Les Paterson 2 (11_02_2017)

195: What to Do after the Big Race

Simon Marshall, PhD, and World Champion, Lesley Paterson, were so much fun that I couldn’t stop talking with them. Literally! If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, then you may want to go back and give it a listen before you dive into this episode. We discussed the following: Their audiobook coming out in…

S. Marshall, Les Paterson (10_19_2017)

194: How to Cultivate a Racer’s Mindset

If you don’t want to hear jokes, laughter, or a bit of “language”, then this isn’t the episode for you (or perhaps an episode for little ears either). I had a blast—and I mean a blast—chatting with husband-wife coaching team of performance psychology expert, Simon Marshall and three-time world triathlon champion, Leslie Paterson. We discuss the following:…

Serena Marie, Gut Health, Pos. Psych, Fitness (10_5_2017)

193: Gut Health, Positive Psychology, and Fitness Routines

Serena Marie, RD, and I decided it would be fun to catch up on air, so we did! You’ll hear why Serena is obsessed with kombucha, why I had been avoiding it (but have given it a second thought), positive psychology, running, and more. We talk about the following: What skobe is Why kombucha is…