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Lisah Hamilton

171: The Gift of Running and the Running Community

Oh how we love the gift of running and the running community! This episode is all about “girl power” and how the gift of running fuels confidence and forms friendships. My new friend, Lisah Hamilton from The Conscious Runner podcast, runs by and discusses the following: What a conscious runner is and how she (or…

Denny Krahe (02_09_2017)

170: Running Basics and Myths

You’re in for a treat today! Denny Krahe, athletic trainer, running coach, dad, husband, runner, and podcaster is here to dispel the top six running myths. If you’re new to running or even a seasoned running, Denny shares his academic knowledge, experiences coaching runners, and his own personal familiarity with helping runners keep on running.…

Jonathan Fields

169: Running an Intentional Life

Does it seem like the days are long and the years are short? Are there things that you want to accomplish, but it seems like you just don’t have time to do them? Then you’re going to like today’s guest. Side note: I get a little fan girl-ish, because Jonathan’s work is life-changing. Seriously! Jonathan…

Melissa Jones

168: An Experienced Traveler’s Tips and Running Gear Recs

Melissa Jones has been to all fifty states and forty countries and counting. She’s a designer, photographer, and runner. Melissa is here to share some of her travelling tips, which include how to blend in (and not look like a tourist!), how to stay safe (particularly for women), and what must-see areas to visit in…

Eric Zimmer

167: Finding Your Running Middle Ground

One of the most insightful, well-produced podcasts (in my humble opinion) is One You Feed by Eric Zimmer. Eric’s focus is about feeding the good wolf versus the bad wolf. We discuss how he has found the middle way (a life of balance) after overcoming addiction in his 20s, what a holistic lifestyle looks like…

Intentions & Goals (1_2017)

166: How to Ingeniously Set Intentions and Goals

‘Tis the season to create goals, fa la la la la, la la la la. Do you need some help with this stuff, fa la la la la, la la la la. Now it’s time to create the goals, fa la la, la la la, la la la. Hear the podcast where you find more,…


165: Running Around the World with Dean Karnazes

Our friend, also known as Cousin Dean, is back on the show. Dean Karnazes runs by to discuss his fourth book, The Road to Sparta: Reliving the Ancient Battle and Epic Run That Inspired the World’s Greatest Footrace, and he debunks one of the biggest myths about the marathon distance. We also discuss Dean’s new…


164: 2016 Top Episodes

It was a ton of fun looking at the number of downloaded podcast episodes released in 2016 and looking at the trends in terms of what runners like to hear most. To make things fair, I used two analytical ways of calculating the stats—straight number of downloads and also weighted values. There was even a…


163: Dean Karnazes on Professions, Passions, and Running (Re-run)

One of the most popular episodes ever is when Dean Karnazes came by for his first run in November 2014 and discussed how he went from a white-collar job to a professional athlete, why he’s passionate about Girls on the Run, what a normal day looks like for him,, and why he’s excited by Run…