148: Gretchen Ruben and Your Tendency [Part 1/2]


She’s here! Best-selling author, Gretchen Rubin, discusses how knowing your tendency helps you not only understand yourself, but also those around you. We have a fun conversation around how Gretchen was inspired to create the Tendency Quiz and the four types of tendencies. Our two-part conversation took place at the July Podcast Movement in Chicago. Special thank you goes to Eric Tivers from the ADHD Rewired podcast for being our sound guy and also for shooing (sad but true) away a hotel employee who almost interrupted the interview.

Find the second part of our interview on Episode 149, when we talk more about habit creation and how to keep on running.

Our Runner of the Week for Episode 148 is Andy Aubin from the Sub-30 Club. Andy shares how he lost over 100+ pounds through the gift of running and how having a strong, supportive community and public accountability has made all the difference.

Serena Marie, RD, chats about why she is not a fan of the Glycemic Index. Let’s just say that it’s been in the news lately, and it kind of drives Serena batty. Check out this article for more information that speaks to what Serena discussed. Want the Cliffs Notes? It’s being mindful that

  • some high glycemic foods are rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals and are a generous portion size versus low glycemic foods (for example, melon, pumpkin, and potato are high glycemic, while pasta and rice are low glycemic);
  • eating other foods with a starch affects its spike on blood sugar; and
  • genetics plays a role in how your body processes sugar.

It wouldn’t be TRLS without some gratitude. I am sooooo grateful for Camp Good Life Project and s’mores (seriously), and you’ll hear why. Serena is grateful for a special running buddy. Get the lowdown to find out who it is.

Are you looking to get a better understanding of how you’re spending your time and how that may differ from your intention? We have a special challenge coming up that could help you do less better. Click HERE, and I’ll get you on the invitation list!

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