153: Did Not Finish (DNF) and Did Not Start (DNS) with Ruth Carter


This week, we talk about a subject that we don’t often discuss on the podcast—DNFs—also known as Did Not Finish. No one wants a DNF, but we tend to look at things in terms of the long term and also follow through with the tagline of The Running Lifestyle Show—it’s about creating a way of life for the long run.

Ruth Carter, who was initially our Runner of the Week, became our featured guest as well once our conversation evolved. Ruth discusses her heart defect, which is called patent foramen ovale (PFO) and how it affects (or doesn’t affect) her running, and the two races for which she’s had to DNF. Check out her blog post about having PFO HERE.

I discuss the trail race that I recently completed at The Runner’s World Festival and how tricky a trail race can be. Side note: I STRONGLY recommend NOT listening to music and/or podcasts while trail running. Technically, it’s probably not the best idea to listen to something while running in general, but on trails, it’s especially important to be aware of your surroundings and have your wits about you. The trail race that I just ran included a lot of rocks, hills, and roots. It was a blast, and it was beautiful; there’s nothing like getting out in nature.

You’re also going to hear why there isn’t a Do Less Better challenge going on right now, which is also known in running terms as a Did Not Start (DNS). Sometimes you have that small inner voice that says not to do something right now, and this is what my inner voice is saying to me about the challenge. Because of that, the special Do Less Better challenge is currently on hold.

Serena Marie, RD, shares how sometimes runners can have low magnesium and how it can relate to poor sleep and cramping. I share how changing light bulbs from LED to conventional incandescent bulbs, taking a magnesium supplement, and getting outside early in the morning has helped me sleep through the night.

When it comes to gratitude, Serena is grateful for friendships and running. My gratitude is all about sleep. Can you tell it’s on my mind? Sleep is the foundation for everything; and without sleep, everything from eating to thinking to creativity to mindfulness takes a hit. That is why our Book of the Month for November is Dr. Robert Rosenberg’s book, The Doctor’s Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety: Combat Stress and Sleep Better Every Night.


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