160: Positive Psychology and Running


Disclaimer: We discuss psychology and depression in this episode, so please do not use the information presented on this episode for medical treatment or to treat others. OK, now onto the “fun stuff”.

What does positive psychology mean, and how is it different from “normal” psychology? How do you apply positive psychology to your running journey? Kristen Truempy, host of the Positive Psychology Podcast, answers these questions and more as she shares her knowledge and experiences. After you listen to this episode, you’ll understand why mainstream media outlets do not talk much about issues, such as positive traumatic growth.

One big topic that we discuss is the VIA Strengths finder, which is a test used in positive psychology. The test is free and highlights the strengths that come naturally to you and things you enjoy doing. I recommend the book Positive Psychology: Self-help strategies for happiness, inner strength, and well-being if you would like to go “deeper” into Positive Psychology.

You’ll also hear Kristen’s journey as she started the Couch to 5K program and progressed all the way to running the Roma By Night Half Marathon in August 2016. Kristen had quite a few interesting experiences—some of which we have never heard before on the podcast.

Please note that Kristen has a wig on in her picture and is displaying her creativity, which is one of her strengths.

Serena Marie, RD, comes for a re-run conversation from Episode 54 all about bone broth. As sweaty runners, we tend to sweat out minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, so eating/drinking bone broth can be a great way to recover these minerals. Serena shares how to make bone broth and what ingredients she recommends using.


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