173: Injury Prevention and Running Intention with Physical Therapist Susan Nowell

Susan Nowell (03_02_2017)

Susan Nowell is an old-time TRLSer who was on Episode 2 (where she talked about the top three running injuries) and Episode 56 (where she coached new runner, Trey Beauchamp, on air). We get a chance to catch up and talk about why she left racing for awhile and how she now runs with intention. As a physical therapist, Susan gets into the nitty gritty of the running “crimes” that runners commit, how to avoid making those mistakes, and what she wants someone who is thinking about running an ultra or stage race to think about. As an ultra runner, she discusses what  support runners can do to help out their fellow ultra runners. This was a fun interview, because we caught up as friends, showed how running is a gift, and examined how to be intentional about running.

Serena discusses a study that compared adults with depression who ate a Mediterranean diet versus those who solely used talk therapy. It showed that on the Montgomery–Åsberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS), adults who drank no more than two glasses of wine a day in conjunction with eating a Mediterranean diet, lowered their numbers on a depression scale versus those who used only talk therapy.

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