181: Sleeping When It’s Best for YOU

Michael Breus (4_27_17)

It was an a-ha moment when I discovered how I should do certain things at certain times based on my chronotype. A chronotype is like your biological clock signalling when to do certain activities based on time of day and your wiring. What’s great about this is that it gets away from standards such as, “Get eight hours of sleep,” “Run first thing in the morning,” “Do the hardest thing first,” and much more. Dr. Breus and I specifically talk about the following:

  • Why to consider your chronotype
  • Best time to run, practice yoga, and weight lift
  • When to go to bed for women during their menstrual cycles
  • When to have a deep conversation

Serena and I talk about the exciting science behind resistant starch.
We discuss the following resources:

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