185: Mental Energy for Your Fuel Belt

Kristen Truempy (6_15_2017)

TRLS has a return guest on today’s episode! Kristen Truempy from the Positive Psychology Podcast (and TRLS Episode 160) is back to talk about mental energy for your fuel belt. We discuss the following:

  • Why your thoughts are fuel for your mind
  • How to reframe negative thoughts about not having enough time to do things for yourself
  • How Kristen’s value of appreciating beauty determines how she spends her time
  • Why volunteering makes a difference in your own well-being
  • Tips for what not to volunteer for
  • Why meeting in person trumps being “in person” online
  • Why investing in your positivity is a smart decision and how and when it pays off

Our friend and go-to, real-food dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, shares research on why consuming six to eight cups of green tea per day might help runners. (Hint: Catechins help regulate blood sugar and lead to fat loss.) Before we got to the “nitty gritty” of the science behind it all, Serena and I caught up on what positive things have been happening in our lives and how much running we’ve been doing lately.

2017 is the year of the Flourishing Experiment! If you’d like to join a group to help you with your habits and resolutions, or create a Flourishing Experiment yourself, reach out to Kari at Kari@TheRunningLifestyle.com for more information.

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We discuss the following links:

Brainwash: How to Rewire Your Brain for Positivity and De-stress in 21 Days audiobook
Rx It’s Good to be Good (G2BG) 2017 Commentary: Prescribing Volunteerism for Health, Happiness, Resilience, and Longevity” by Stephen G. Post, PhD
Headspace app
Calm Meditation app
VIA Character Strengths Questionnaire
R2 Strengths Profiler
Harvard Study on Longevity and Happiness


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