192: OCD and Orthorexia with Psychotherapist Dr. Kimberley Quinlan

Kimberley Quinlan (9_21_2017)

A Running Lifestyle Show friend suggested the topic of OCD and orthorexia, and I’m so glad that he did so. Somehow in over 190 episodes, I have never discussed OCD and orthorexia with a psychotherapist.Thank you to Tom for requesting that Dr. Kimberley Quinlan—a marriage and family psychotherapist—come on the podcast.

Please note that this podcast is for informational purposes only; you should not treat yourself and/or others with this information.

We talk about the following:

  • Types of OCD
  • How you know when to seek treatment
  • Determining if running helps or detracts from your life
  • How to check in with yourself by placing your hand on your heart —and asking what your heart feels
  • Why not to believe everything you think
  • The self love circle that starts with self-awareness, self acceptance, and self care (also known as health care)
  • What orthorexia is and how to determine what is too much for you
  • My takeaways from the episode and how it affected my eating while on vacation

Serena and I answer the following questions:

  • Where can you get the best coffee in NYC
  • Where is the best kombucha in NYC
  • Waiting in line etiquette (yes!)
  • Proudest accomplishments
  • Why having the “k” sound is memorable and sometimes funny

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