195: What to Do after the Big Race

S. Marshall, Les Paterson 2 (11_02_2017)

Simon Marshall, PhD, and World Champion, Lesley Paterson, were so much fun that I couldn’t stop talking with them. Literally! If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, then you may want to go back and give it a listen before you dive into this episode.

We discussed the following:

  • Their audiobook coming out in November
  • What to do before and after your big race
  • Post-race blues and depression
  • What to do if you’re injured
  • Why to play to your Values in Action (VIA) Strengths
  • How to peak your intellectual curiosity
  • How to look for bread crumbs to look for your passion
  • Our new Book Club event on Tuesday, November 28 at 8:30 p.m. EST (email kari@therunninglifestyle.com to gain access for free)

I shared some of of my favorite products to make the winter less dark. In addition, I discussed how I have a limited amount of coaching spots available right now in my schedule to work with people who want to focus on making some shifts in their lives. The coaching we do is grounded in evidenced-based, scientifically proven tools and strategies.

If you’d like to learn more about coaching and have a 15-minute conversation to see if we’re a good fit, please email me at kari@therunninglifestyle.com and we’ll set a time to talk.

Serena Marie, RD, discusses the documentary, “What the Health”, what to order at a steakhouse or chain restaurant, and quick sources of quality protein.


2017 is the year of the Flourishing Experiment! If you’d like to join a group to help you with your habits and resolutions, or create a Flourishing Experiment yourself, reach out to me at Kari@TheRunningLifestyle.com for more information.

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