198: Change Up Your Running

Jeff Webb 12_14_2017

Former Navy SEAL, Jeff Webb (from popular Episode 158) is back to share how his running has evolved over the last year.

We discussed the following:

  • Why he scaled back his marathon training mileage
  • What habits he changed to lose approximately 7 pounds
  • Why he’s working on hip mobility
  • His time goal for the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM)
  • A recap of MCM and how he changed his plan when he found out he had miraculously received (legally!) a New York City (NYC) Marathon bib
  • Highlights of the NYC Marathon
  • Having a VIP experience in NYC
  • What he has received by having a life coach (me)
  • The “breaking” news he discovered about Kathrine Switzer
  • How Run To Honor, a nonprofit that he co-founded, which honors fallen Naval Academy grads, has a virtual Naval Memorial Hall at https://usnamemorialhall.org/index.php/USNA_Virtual_Memorial_Hall
  • Using his values in action to create more joy in his life

Serena and I continued talking about habits, especially since “‘tis the season” for doubling down on healthy habits to have a happy holiday season.

We discussed the following:

  • How holidays affect the food choices that we make
  • How Serena and I each learn from our coaching clients
  • How you can celebrate upcoming Episodes 200 and 201 by asking a question, sharing a favorite episode, and so on
  • When you’re eating, ask yourself why
  • How having an accountability partner can make a big difference
  • Why having your home set up with primers can make a significant positive difference
  • How to make your healthy habits sustainable
  • Why “planned overs” are the greatest thing ever
  • Why Serena is in love with the Instant Pot, and why she loves cooking sugar pumpkins in it
  • My experience of using an Instant Pot cookbook and recipes that I recommend, including Chicken Noodle (Rice) Soup, Tagine Chicken, Caribbean Rice and Beans, and Thai Chicken Curry

‘Tis the season for family, friends, food, and fun. It’s also a time to get in touch with what fuels you and what doesn’t. If you’re looking for a coach to help you create a flourishing life, we could be a good fit.

Please email me at kari@therunninglifestyle.com, and we’ll set up a time to talk!

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