202: Your Relationship Gym

Suzie and James Pawelski (1182018)

There can be so much going on with running your life that sometimes relationships aren’t seen as something you strengthen—like your muscles. The “First Couple of Positive Psychology”—Suzie Pileggi Pawelski, Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), and James Pawelski, PhD—explain key actions that you can take to become an Aristotelian lover and to have a “relationship gym” with your partner:

The Pawelskis and I specifically discuss the following:

  • Their book Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love that Lasts
  • What an Aristotelian lover is
  • Why love is an action verb
  • What the science behind positive psychology entails
  • Christopher Peterson’s saying that “other people matter”
  • How you can have Aristotelian friendships
  • How the Pawelski’s research is based on empirical studies
  • George Vaillant’s research around longevity and relationships
  • Who could benefit from their book (Hint: Everyone from engaged to married couples and anyone who has any type of relationship with someone else)
  • How to express gratitude so that your words have more meaning behind them and how to receive a compliment

Serena Marie, RD, and I specifically discuss the following:

  • What’s going on in Brooklyn
  • Why she goes on pizza crawls
  • How to engage with a romantic partner through cooking
  • The importance of taking time to savor

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