203: Whole30®, Shake Yo’ Sugar Habit, Deficiencies & More

Serena Marie, Whole 30, etc. 2(2_2_2018)

‘Tis the season for mixing up what you’re eating, so it’s only fitting that our go-to, real-food dietitian, Serena Marie RD, would present the latest nutrition science.

Serena Marie, RD, and I specifically discuss the following:

  • Why Serena is such fan of restaurant owner and Instagrammer Frank Prisinzano
  • Why Serena isn’t intermittent fasting anymore, and why Kari still does intermittently fast
  • Why Kari is obsessed with the Whole30 Program
  • Why grass-fed butter is such a better choice than margarine
  • Why Serena doesn’t agree with the US government’s whole grains recommendation
  • Cholesterol
  • Why there is so much information about inflammatory diets
  • What makes a person crave sugar and what dopamine’s role plays
  • Kari’s SpectraCell test results and what shocked Serena

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