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192: OCD and Orthorexia with Psychotherapist Dr. Kimberley Quinlan

Kimberley Quinlan (9_21_2017)

A Running Lifestyle Show friend suggested the topic of OCD and orthorexia, and I’m so glad that he did so. Somehow in over 190 episodes, I have never discussed OCD and orthorexia with a psychotherapist.Thank you to Tom for requesting that Dr. Kimberley Quinlan—a marriage and family psychotherapist—come on the podcast. Please note that this…

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188: Acupuncture for Runners

Teresa Goetz (7_27_2017)

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, acupuncturist, and life coach, Dr. Teri Goetz, is back to update us on how an elimination diet helped calm down the side effects of Sjögren’s syndrome and Lyme disease, how acupuncture can help runners, and how your thoughts effect your body. We specifically discuss the following: Her journey with…

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