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196: Running with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Sid Efromovich (11_16_2017)

Sid Efromovich, who has a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), discusses his Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and his unbelievable journey in becoming a runner. We discussed the following: His extreme luck in being diagnosed with CRPS when he did His mindset during this journey of living with CRPS Why he started running A…

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195: What to Do after the Big Race

S. Marshall, Les Paterson 2 (11_02_2017)

Simon Marshall, PhD, and World Champion, Lesley Paterson, were so much fun that I couldn’t stop talking with them. Literally! If you haven’t listened to the previous episode, then you may want to go back and give it a listen before you dive into this episode. We discussed the following: Their audiobook coming out in…

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194: How to Cultivate a Racer’s Mindset

S. Marshall, Les Paterson (10_19_2017)

If you don’t want to hear jokes, laughter, or a bit of “language”, then this isn’t the episode for you (or perhaps an episode for little ears either). I had a blast—and I mean a blast—chatting with husband-wife coaching team of performance psychology expert, Simon Marshall and three-time world triathlon champion, Leslie Paterson. We discuss the following:…

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192: OCD and Orthorexia with Psychotherapist Dr. Kimberley Quinlan

Kimberley Quinlan (9_21_2017)

A Running Lifestyle Show friend suggested the topic of OCD and orthorexia, and I’m so glad that he did so. Somehow in over 190 episodes, I have never discussed OCD and orthorexia with a psychotherapist.Thank you to Tom for requesting that Dr. Kimberley Quinlan—a marriage and family psychotherapist—come on the podcast. Please note that this…

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