February 2017

The Conscious Runner (Podcast) Kari Gormley on Being Yourself and The Running Lifestyle


August 2016

Joy-Preneur  (Podcast) Running to a Joyful Life with Kari Gormley

ADHD Rewired (Podcast) The Life Changing Power of the ADHD Coaching and Accountability Group


May 2016

Quake Books (Website and Blog) Quake Report by Top Agent Kari Gormley


April 2016

Faster Than Normal (Podcast) ADHD Runner, Podcaster, Wife and Mom, Kari Gormley

Kanal 4 (Major Swedish Television Station) Delaware Primary

Marathon Training Academy (Podcast) Running a Marathon for Charity


March 2016

Podcast Junkies (Podcast) Kari Gormley The Mind, Body, and Spirit

Penn Live (Newspaper) Running Lifestyler to Attend Local Run on March 6


January 2016

Action for Healthy Kids (Charity) She Made Running for Kids Part of Her Lifestyle

Action for Healthy Kids Promotional Video

The 5AM Miracle (Podcast) Forming Your Dream Team with Kari Gormley

Introspectalogy (Podcast) The Passionate Runner


November 2015

Delaware Today (Magazine) Understanding Depression in Women


September 2015

Marathon Training Academy (Website and Blog) Angie and Trev Around the Web


August 2015

Peter Shankman (Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur) Five Reasons Why You Should Attend Business Mastermind This Year


June 2015

Healthy Net Life Radio with Dr. Robert Rosenberg (Podcast) Sleep and Exercise Podcast


March 2015

Back of Pack, Episode 68 (minute 41:50 and on) (Podcast) Rock ‘n Roll DC with Kari Gormley and Tim Pagen

Life According to JThom  (Blog) Motivational Monday: 5  Podcasts to Listen to this Week

Margaret Webb  (Author and Blogger) Check out these running podcasts on your next run


January 2015

Vinnie Tortorich (Podcast) One-On-One with Kari Gormley (Vinnie’s show is a little “wild” and is not family friendly)


September 2014

ADHD Rewired (Podcast) Running, Running, Running …. for a Balanced Life

Diz Runs (Podcast) Kari Gormley Wife, Mother, Podcaster, Dream Chaser






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