Nuvanna™ Review

I’ve heard a lot about foam mattresses on podcasts lately, and I’ve always wanted to try one myself. After doing some research, I found that the most common complaint about foam mattresses is that they trap in heat. And guess what the number one reason for people waking up in the middle of the night is? They’re hot.

So I was really excited to try the Nuvanna™ mattress, because it’s the only firm mattress to use something called TENCEL®. TENCEL® is a type of fiber that is eco-friendly, moisture-wicking, softer than silk, and cooler than linen. You can even buy TENCEL® sheets, which sound amazing.

I’ve been sleeping on a pillowtop mattress for sixteen years with a memory foam topper on it for the past couple of years. Switching from a pillowtop mattress with a foam topper to a Nuvanna™ mattress has been tricky, since the Nuvanna™ mattress feels very firm.

In the future, I would be open to going back to the Nuvanna™ mattress if I find myself with an injury or am waking up too hot (because summer is coming!). I’ve heard from many people, including Serena (which you’ll see below), that some of their injuries go away when they sleep on a firm mattress.

To be continued. . .

From Serena Marie, RD:

I can truly say that sleeping on a Nuvanna™ mattress has been an incredibly positive experience. I have had noticeably more restful sleep; I wake up feeling more refreshed and rested than when I slept on a traditional spring mattress. Also, my lower-back pain is completely resolved since I switched to the Nuvanna™ mattress. I cannot say enough positive things!

You can hear our review of the Nuvanna™ mattress on Episode 179.



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