171: The Gift of Running and the Running Community

Lisah Hamilton

Oh how we love the gift of running and the running community! This episode is all about “girl power” and how the gift of running fuels confidence and forms friendships. My new friend, Lisah Hamilton from The Conscious Runner podcast, runs by and discusses the following: What a conscious runner is and how she (or…

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170: Running Basics and Myths

Denny Krahe (02_09_2017)

You’re in for a treat today! Denny Krahe, athletic trainer, running coach, dad, husband, runner, and podcaster is here to dispel the top six running myths. If you’re new to running or even a seasoned running, Denny shares his academic knowledge, experiences coaching runners, and his own personal familiarity with helping runners keep on running.…

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168: An Experienced Traveler’s Tips and Running Gear Recs

Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones has been to all fifty states and forty countries and counting. She’s a designer, photographer, and runner. Melissa is here to share some of her travelling tips, which include how to blend in (and not look like a tourist!), how to stay safe (particularly for women), and what must-see areas to visit in…

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