143: Speed Training & Zone 2 Training with Meaghan Nana-Sinkam

Meaghan Nana-Sinkam (8_2016)

Come for a “run” with my dear friend Meaghan Nana-Sinkam (she’s been on five episodes and is an unofficial producer), and hear how a Special Challenge through the Sub-30 Facebook club changed her way of training. We discuss fuel, weight gain/maintenance/loss when it comes to running, what ultra runners may know that street runners don’t,…

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142: Olympian Desiree Linden & Sports Medicine Doctor David Webner, MD

david webner and des linden

She’s here! Two-time Olympian, Desiree Linden, shares with us how she overcame an injury that resulted in aa Did Not Finish (DNF) in the 2012 London Marathon, to qualify for the Olympic team again! All I have to say is MINDSET, MINDSET, MINDSET. This interview will give you chills and the inspiration to go after…

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141: How to Make Running a Lifestyle with High School Running Coach Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey

It’s a small world after all. Chris Ramsey, my grade school teacher and grade school running coach, has coached fourteen state championship teams for girls high school cross country and track and field. On top of that, he has four kids, eight grandchildren, and his daughter, Serena Ramsey Burla, finished eighth at the US Olympics…

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140: Second Birthday Party for TRLS

Second TRLS Birthday

Celebrate good times, come on! It’s a celebration! As Kool and the Gang sings. We’re celebrating the second birthday  of The Running Lifestyle Show. Come join me and our go-to, real-food dietitian, Serena Marie, RD, when we answer listeners’ questions and reminisce about our favorites memories from these last two years. It wouldn’t be a…

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