153: Did Not Finish (DNF) and Did Not Start (DNS) with Ruth Carter


This week, we talk about a subject that we don’t often discuss on the podcast—DNFs—also known as Did Not Finish. No one wants a DNF, but we tend to look at things in terms of the long term and also follow through with the tagline of The Running Lifestyle Show—it’s about creating a way of…

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152: Adrenal Fatigue with Jacob Teitelbaum, MD


The endurance sports industry is buzzing about adrenal fatigue. That’s why Dr. Teitelbaum, a board certified internist, is here to discuss what it is, how you know you have it, and why it’s complicated to diagnose it. Disclaimer: Use this information for informational purposes only, and always consult your physician. Dr. Teitelbaum shares the top…

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149: Gretchen Rubin and Your Habits [Part 2/2]


We continue with part two of the conversation with Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen and I dive into how our habits impact our lives without even realizing it sometimes. We talk a lot about really getting clear on what works for you and what doesn’t. Gretchen even reveals a habit that she keeps reading and hearing about…

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