176: Jill Baron, MD on Integrative Functional Medicine and Living a Balanced Life

Jill Baron, MD

This is a conversation I’ve been wanting to have a for a long time. Jill Baron, MD, a board-certified Integrative Functional Medicine doctor, and I talk about a wide range of health problems that could affect runners. Side note: Always see your doctor regarding your own condition(s). Jill and I discuss the following in relation…

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175: The Science of the Good Life

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, founder of The Flourishing Center (which offers a certificate in applied positive psychology), discusses the science behind positive psychology. Emiliya and I discuss the following topics: How research can be “me”-search How to add mindfulness to a meal Overcoming bulimia and loving her body The science of well-being How physical pain is different…

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Tracksmith Clothes Review

Tracksmith approached me back late last year and asked if Serena and I wanted to try their clothes. After looking at their website and practically drooling over their clothes, I enthusiastically said yes, especially since I knew I could try out the warm-weather and cold-weather clothes in the very near future. You can hear Serena…

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173: Injury Prevention and Running Intention with Physical Therapist Susan Nowell

Susan Nowell (03_02_2017)

Susan Nowell is an old-time TRLSer who was on Episode 2 (where she talked about the top three running injuries) and Episode 56 (where she coached new runner, Trey Beauchamp, on air). We get a chance to catch up and talk about why she left racing for awhile and how she now runs with intention.…

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